THE MIKE SAYLOR BASKETBALL WORKOUT is the first individual basketball workout designed to give players of all ages the structure that is needed to tell the player:

What to do
How long to do the desired drill
How hard to execute each
How long to do the workout

It is also designed to allow the individual to see the amount of improvement that has occurred while doing the workout on a daily basis.

It is a lot more fun to workout to music, so the "high energy" drills are connected with fast music and the free throws are connected with slower, more rhythmic music.

Uses a voice track to tell you the name of the drill
A popular music track is then used to indicate how long to do the drill
Next, there is 10 seconds of silence that allows the player to record his/her score on a workout log sheet

This pattern is repeated for each different drill during the workout until the workout is finished.

It is very important that you do each drill with game-like intensity! Make it a habit that each time you step between the lines of the basketball court that you give 100%.

It is also very important that you record every shot that you make during the workout to chart your improvement throughout the "off-season". I guarantee that you will see tremendous evidence of your improvement.


1. The individual alone working to get better skills at home or school

2. A team "skill" practice

3. A skill test for tryouts etc.

4. Morning workouts before school

5. To check your teams progress with the fundamentals as a skill test

6. This workout is a great bonus item for your summer campers

7. This workout is also great for the adult who loves basketball and wants to keep his/her skills honed and be in great physical condition

8. Off-season skill workouts


Originally offered at $19.95 for EACH workout, you can order ALL 8 now and only pay

$55.00 + $4.00 shipping

 That's a savings of over $100.00! DON'T PASS UP THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

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